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From simple web sites to complicated web solutions we can take care of your needs.

Simple Web Site from $300. Home page and 3-5 other web pages (may include feedback, guest book and sending email). The site may be used to represent your business, may be small education center, photography gallery, dish recipes, art exhibition, etc., one Flash movie included for free on customer demand.
Usually it takes 1-3 weeks. Samples:
Brain-Behavior Optimization Center
Adler Photo Studio
In Memory of Vitaly Nevzorov
The web site specializes in natural skin care products.
WebCam in Morton Grove, IL
This site is devoted to artwork of the remarkable master of puppet making, Samuil Strashnov.

e-Commerce Site from $600. Online store that can accept orders through the Internet. If you want your customers to pay for your goods by credit cards, it will be $350-$400 more expensive.
Usually it takes 4-12 weeks. Samples:

Web Service is the special kind of Web site that designed to support its navigating by the program (it can be another site). For example, site A provides the weather and the owner of the site B wants to show the weather on it using his own format. It is possible if the site A provides Web service and the site B has the special program named by Web Client.
We develop web clients, too.
For any idea in the Web you want to implement, please contact us through the form below:
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