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If you think that some of your work may be done by computer, let us know and we can make software for this.

Custom Database Application. Manual processing of the files containing text information very often can be replaced by computer processing. It is useful especially when the files (text files, excel sheets, databases) are huge and/or you have to work with two or more information stores simultaneously.
To create the program that works with databases can take even one or two days (usually it costs $200-$400) if your tasks are not very complicated.
We have great experience in medical data gathering and processing.

Math Application. Sometimes it is necessary to perform special analysis of the data that cannot be done by standard applications like MS Excel or Access. Custom math application math application may help to solve this problem (it can be one time use program or the application that may be used many times).
To estimate price and time for such project we need your exact requirement. Usually it took 2-3 weeks for us and we charged around $1000.

Remote Control. Remote device access and control applications can help you with measuring and control of temperature, pressure, humidity, etc., storing the results in the database with following analysis. Also you can connect any compatible equipment to your computer (video camera, creeping line, microphones) and monitor and store (either through the Internet) the received data in your database using special program. Sometimes the development of these projects requires special hardware and can take several months.

We can program applications and other computer software in C++, Delphi, Java, PHP, etc..
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