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How to use loadMovie function...
You can use three (or more) types of loadMovie function. But we do not know, are there cases in which you have to use a specific one of them. If we mistake, feel free to let us know...
So, we give you description of the only one kind of it. Here is the example of it:

'ToLoad.swf' is the file name that you are going to load, mvTheMovie is the movie clip on the stage of the movie in which you want to see loaded file, and last parameter (it is optional) is used for let the 'ToLoad.swf' to know what method for sending variables you want to use. We use 'GET' method only and do not see any difference with the 'POST' method.

OK, let's go...
Create the file named by LoadMovieExmp.fla and create any movie clip in it named by mvTheMovie, this movie you will substitute with SWF-file. Create the button on the same stage where mvTheMovie resides. Create the following event handler on this button:

on (release) {
Now, you have to create the movie with the source ToLoad.swf. It can be any movie but do not create it too big, set its size 250*150, for example. Give it the name ToLoad.fla and compile it. It must be in the same subdomain as the URL where the LoadMovieExmp.fla currently resides. In our example, you must keep two movies exactly in the same directory.
Now, everything is done. Run the LoadMovieExmp.swf or debug the LoadMovieExmp.fla, press the button and you will see the ToLoad.swf in the LoadMovieExmp. ToLoad.swf will appear so that its left-top corner will be on the centre of the mvTheMovie. The name of it will remain the mvTheMovie. So, if you want to assign new movie x coordinate by 271, just type:

But remember that the centre of the new movie is in the left-top corner.
Let's send parameters to loaded file now. Change the event handler of the button to:

on (release) {
var Field1='VAL1',Field2='VAL2';
Now, you can use the variables Field1 and Field2 in the ToLoad.swf. They are equal to 'VAL1' and 'VAL2' correspondingly when the ToLoad.swf was loaded.
How can we use it?..
Example. Loading and unloading of the file with movie clip.
Try to drag the loaded movie clip - its behaviour is the same like original movie clip.

ZIP is here: P4.zip.
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2009-07-28 04:16:02
how can i use loadmovie in my animation. Cuse my animation is different swf file. How can i combine the two files swf to be one swf files

2009-06-13 09:20:56
2009-02-24 08:22:16
I have one AS3 fla file from there i want to load AS2 Fla file, and again AS2 Fla file loads another AS2 Fla, but i am able to load only first AS2 Fla file from AS3 Fla. i.e lets AS3.fla is main container and in this container i loaded AS2_1.fla through loadMovie(..), and then trying to load AS2_2.fla from AS2_1.fla with same function call, but it is not loading, please can you suggest me the solution.
2008-01-22 10:07:24
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